Vintage Ring

From €65 - €95

Snake Ring

From €50 - €65

Double Snake Ring

From €95 - €150

Lion Ring

From €145 - €295

Classic Ring Fine

From €40 - €60

Classic Ring Bold

From €50 - €70

Fierce Ring


Bold Ring

From €80 - €125

G Ring

From €125 - €150

Flat Line Ring

From €65 - €85

SQ Ring Finest

From €40 - €50

SQ Ring Big


SQ Ring Fine

From €65 - €75

O Ring

From €35 - €40

Third Eye Ring


Sun Ring Plain

From €25 - €30

Sun Twist Ring


Double ring

From €35 - €95

Trio Ring

From €40 - €170

Midi Rings to Bold Rings

The very first collection started off with midi rings also named as knuckle rings, those are top finger rings. Our very first design, the original MVDT V-ring, is a timeless piece with fine lines made during the local craftsmanship workshop in Indonesia in 2014 (read more here). The V-ring, the O ring, Third Eye ring, and the simple rings as the Twisted and Plain are perfect top finger rings. As the years pass by MVDT started to make bigger and even bolder pieces, also shown in the Ring collection. As they say, nothing makes a bigger statement like an eye-catching designer ring. When it comes to jewelry, the bolder the better nowadays, it’s a big trend. When you wear one of these cool, edgy big pieces, it takes on a life of its own.

"Pink Rings are one of my favorites and can’t be missed in your daily style, ladies!" - Marlous van der Toorn

Bold Rings

A bit more about the Bold Pieces in our collection. The Bold Ring in the collection has a beautiful organic shape like the latest design out of the Fierce collection, the G Ring. This new two-finger ring wraps across two fingers with elegance and refinement. This favorite is also seen as an extension of the Double Bold Earring from the previous collection. The big plus of Bold Rings is that they are strong that bending the Brass or Silver material is almost not possible. The SQ Family we serve you from minimal to bold rings. Combine simple round shapes with square pieces for a minimal and edgy look. Or make a statement with the Big Square Ring. The Square rings are one of our top list of rings sold over the last year. MVDT wears her square ring fine daily on her pink finger. 

Snake Rings 

Another trend is the serpent from our Snake Rings, a symbol of fertility and rebirth. MVDT dared herself to create a Snake Ring in a most minimalistic and elegant way. A square wire she used for this design to create the edge in this piece. The Snake Ring Brass and Snake Ring Silver are available in different sizes. The single snake is more flexible and can be adjusted easily to your size. This style is a lovely option as a midi ring | knuckle ring or pink ring. 

Lion Rings

After the success of the Snake Ring, the Lion Ring came into the Lion family. The Lion Ring is the most extravagant ring out of the collection. The Lion represents courage and strength. The inspiration of the Lion Ring came about in Puglia, Italy at a vintage market I found buttons à la Versace style. The buttons had a lion in the middle. The idea of the Lion jewelry was born. Check out the Lion pendant, Lion necklace, and Lion earrings.