Stacking Bracelets

The bracelet is a must-have accessory for a lady of character and charm. As it wraps around the wrist or arm, it pulses with power and energy. Stacking bracelet has made a bold comeback this season. The minimal shaped cuffs are versatile and easy to please. The can be worn in a variety of ways. While showing you mostly gold bangles made of brass, the collection also includes sterling silver bracelets.

Bold Bracelets

Bold jewellery is hot this season and we predict it will go on for a pretty while. So after the success of the Double Bracelet, we couldn’t resist to serve you extra Bold Bracelets. These long golden cuffs are made from high polished brass. As they cover your arm, they give your look a touch of goddess grace. Just as bold, Double Bracelets coil around the wrist for a truly timeless look inspired by myth and legend. On the demand, we make those boldies also in silver cuffs. Besides those showpieces we added a new one to the collection in refined lines, the Fierce Bracelet, a very special one for parties.

Feminine and elegant

Feminine and inspirational bracelets is the one out of the very first collection, the Hand Bracelet dangles between finger and wrist, it’s ready to delight you with its delicate fine lines. The Fire Bracelet, the SQ Bangle, the Fine Chain Bracelet and the Smokey Eye Bracelet are delicate pieces wear them separately or stack them, both beautiful and refined.

"My daily look this season is the Double Bracelet together with the SQ Bracelet on one side and the other wrist the fine chain bracelet. Love also the stacking bracelets combination." - Marlous van der Toorn