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Heritage Collection


Hold on. Reshape. Let go.

The Heritage Collection 2021 is a time capsule collection, an ode to the year of 2020.
The year of transformation where we were required to be flexible, go inward, and reflect.
Hold on to what’s good, reshape what needed to be reshaped, and let go of the unnecessary. 

The shapes of the collection are inspired by the vintage pieces out of the previous collection 2020.
The Origin statement rings represent: a point of place where something begins, arises, or is derived.

The Heritage Bracelet and pendant are lightly hammered as they are shaped by
hand, high polished outside, and antique inside.

The first brooches were introduced in collection 2021, the Tiger and the Lioness brooch.
The brooch dates back to several centuries before the current era. The Romans wore the brooch
to hold the draped fabric to the shoulder. Later on, the button only became the “replacement” for this pin. 

'Let’s hold on to the things that are good!' - Marlous van der Toorn