Vintage Ear Cuff

From €50 - €70

Circlet Earring

From €30 - €60

Era Earring

From €50 - €95

Vintage Ear Cuff Set

From €139 - €189

Lion Ear Studs

From €40 - €120

Lion Bold Earring

From €150 - €220

Lion Chain Earring

From €95 - €120

Mini Bold Earring

From €75 - €125

Round Studs

From €40 - €50

Round Stud Big

From €45 - €55

Pearl Earrings Silver

From €45 - €145

Classic Round Loops

From €45 - €115

Earpin ornament

From €35 - €45

Evolve Cuff

From €75 - €95

Moon Ear Cuff

From €75 - €85

New Moon

From €95 - €125

Mini Bold Ear Cuff

From €60 - €70

Sun Earring Long


Classic Ear Cuff

From €30 - €35

Classic Bold Ear Cuff

From €40 - €50

Tube Ear Cuff

From €50 - €65

Flat Line Ear Cuff

From €55 - €65



SQ Ear Cuff

From €45 - €60

Loop on Fire


SQ Loop Earring

From €95 - €195

Bold Ear Cuff

From €95 - €125

Bold Earring

From €95 - €220

Double Bold Earring

From €120 - €160

Bold Earring

A beautifully crafted designer earring will reflect your unique style. The MvdT collection features studs, ear cuffs, dangle earrings, ear wraps, and chain earrings in a variety of styles. As daring as statement pieces are, bold jewelry takes a special place in the MVDT COLLECTION and Bold Earrings can’t miss in this style. The Bold Earring, for example, designed as a circle with an overlapping bar, it highlights the neck but also punctuates the jawline, for a look that defies time. A variety of other styles are based on the Bold's classic circle bangle. The Double Bold features the same classic bangle but punctuated by studs. Perfect add of those earrings you can swop the look easily by changing the bar or stud. The G-Bold earring features contorted loops that dangle from the bangle. And then there's the Bold Ear Cuff, with a whole new take on what bold jewellery should be.

Hoop Earrings

In line with the trend for big, sophisticated, and bold jewellery is the SQ Loop Earring. It's a classic style with an opening at the back, handcrafted out of square wire what makes it unique in his kind. The other pair of gold hoop earrings made of brass and silver is succeeded by the Loop on Fire, a hoop and chain-through minimalist earring that's very in tune. Silver Hoop Earrings are also offered in the store, please click your favorite style and click the material Sterling 925 Silver button.

Chain Earrings

For your daily wear and perfect for the office are the Long earrings made of chain and we serve you them in two sizes. You pick your style, your size. Recently the chain pin ornament is added to the collection. This versatile pieces chain earring can be added to every earring you like. It makes your bold look even bolder. Combine it with the Bold Round Stud or one of your choice and create a more sophisticated look.