Lion Ear Studs
€40 - €120
Lion Ring
€145 - €295
Lion Bold Earring
€150 - €220
Lion Pendant
€50 - €65
Lion Necklace
€125 - €140
Fine Necklace
€75 - €105
Vintage Ring
€65 - €95
Evolve Cuff
€75 - €95
Classic Ear Cuff
€30 - €35
Mini Bold Earring
€75 - €125


C O L L E C T I O N  no 6

'Super excited to introduce you Collection no 6, the Extravagance Collection!  
The idea of the Extravagance Collection came about in Puglia, Italy. In Otranto, at a vintage market,
I found beautiful vintage buttons, a la Versace style. The Lion on the button inspired me to make
an extraordinary collection. In the heart of Italy, the start of the Lion Collection was born.

The collection is a mix of clean lines and round shapes that embody a sense of a classic, timeless style.
In combination with the lion pieces, it creates an extravagance elegance with a vintage feel.
Mix the pearls out of the Solid Gold collection to create that elevated Chanel look.'