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Ear Cuff

Vintage Ear Cuff

From €50 - €70

Mini Bold Ear Cuff

From €60 - €70

Evolve Cuff

From €75 - €95

Vintage Ear Cuff Set

From €139 - €189

Classic Ear Cuff

From €30 - €35

Classic Bold Ear Cuff

From €40 - €50

Tube Ear Cuff

From €50 - €65

Flat Line Ear Cuff

From €55 - €65

SQ Ear Cuff

From €45 - €60

Ear Cuff Long


Moon Ear Cuff

From €75 - €85

New Moon

From €95 - €125

Bold Ear Cuff

From €95 - €125

For all the beginners in jewellery land and question this ‘What is an ear Cuff'? Here you are..

An ornament around the edge of the ear.

A little more explanation needed? Ear Cuffs are also known as helix ear cuffs these earrings press on the ear, giving the impression that they are pierced through. Perfect for all the lovely ladies out there who accessorize for every occasion, these non-pierced ear cuffs are easy to put on and pair with other jewellery. The MVDT COLLECTION features a variety of styles for those who find pleasure in wearing designer jewellery that speaks to their personality, their mood and their goals.

Ear cuffs take pride of place in the MVDT collection. The Ear Cuff Set, a cluster of different-sized earrings, has been with us since our inception. They’re sweet, delicate, tasteful and even lovely to share with your friends. On-trend are the Tube Ear cuff and our SQ square ear cuff which lies gently mid-way through the ear. The Ear Cuff Long makes a fluent connection with chain earrings featured all in one piece. For a more daring look, the Mini Bold Ear Cuff was brought to life, ready to make an impression?

Ear Wraps

Ear wraps can be categorized as Ear Cuff Earrings as they go through the normal piercing in your ear. Beautiful examples of ear wraps in the MVDT COLLECTION are the lovely Moon Cuff, the New Moon, and the Bold Cuff, with their sweeping outlines they follow the line of the ear and wrap around it, are as fierce and edgy as ear-cuff designs can be.

"Ear Cuff Gold jewelry can't be missed in your daily wear, it gives your look a coolness and even elegant if you keep it simple. The SQ Ear Cuff is a good example of this. My ultimate favorite nowadays is the Mini Bold Ear Cuff. I dare you to try, be bold!" - Marlous van der Toorn