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June 18 2019 – Marlous van der Toorn

P A G E  T H R E E


D O L C E  F A R  N I E N T E

After 5 years of hard work we deserve a little 'Dolce far niente' - DFN. So off to Italy and learn from the best, the Italians! First, stop Milano to my dear Italian friend Alice who I met during the 6 months in Bali. Milan is a business city and that's why we don't stay long if we want to practice more of 'the sweetness of doing nothing'! Off to the south, beautiful Puglia is the destination. 

Unfortunately, Summer didn't start yet in the south as it's also a particularly weird weather situation for that location. But this is another climate change subject that we don't discuss now. The goal is to enjoy and hope for a quick change in seasons. What I love about Italy is the delicious food and coffee! In the south, the food is even better, so what we did is eat, eat, eat and eat even more! Counting three-kilo plus, great start of Summer.

 Some of you maybe remember I posted my dream house a while ago on Instagram. What I didn't know then that it's located in Puglia. While in Puglia, situated in the 'poetic' Salento area, suddenly I was surrounded by all of this beautiful architecture of round shaped ceilings. In my surprise, it turned out that the interior designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba [designers and owners of the dream house], designed also the beautiful Palazzo Danielle just 5 minutes from the house where we were staying. Giovanni our newly Salento friend is managing the Palazzo and offered us a tour. Actually, to be honest we insisted on it! ;)

Besides the tour, Giovanni gave us another little gift, a way of approaching the DFN. Although he recently lived in Amsterdam for 5 years he re-adapted fast to the south Italian vibe. Here is his way of living the dolce..

'First of all relax, second of all calm down and third of all I call you later.' - Giovanni

Grazie, Giovanni!

P.S. Read page FOUR to get the insides of the dream house.