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March 08 2020 – Marlous van der Toorn

P A G E  E I G H T

E M B R A C E  T H E  Y E A R S

Oh well, shall I do botox then? Or fillers? A boob job maybe? My babies definitely sucked the life out of them - not my thoughts btw no kids here. Look at those wrinkles, it definitely isn't getting any better. The mirror conversation: the conversation you will have when you enter a certain age. So, maybe this blog post is not so relevant for all of you. No worries, you will get there anyway. ;) I have come to that age where I question the mirror once in a while. Luckily, my friend (age 28, married though) tells me when we hang out she feels 21 again. Thank you, I know I still got it. ;)

Not long ago I had a conversation with another good friend of mine. She's trying to slow the process the best she can, so she was telling me all the ins and outs of what to do to slow down the process. Truly, this friend is the best in giving advice when you need a crème, a mask, serum or some other kind of treatment.  My mum always told me that it's all marketing and bullshit, nowadays I still haven't found my favorite crème and still question this market. Anyway, the clue to the story of my conversation with my friend goes like this. I am telling her, 'Maybe you should just embrace it.' She's looking at me with big brown eyes and says, 'NO WAY, we're SO not going to embrace it for the next years!'

So do we embrace it or do we not?

I remember the interview with Oprah and Dr. Maya and this always stuck with me when I have the mirror talk...* 'Embrace it and be grateful, you made it so far and not everybody can say this.' AMEN for those women! Though I hear you thinking, well they look great for their age! Hey, but anyway I think it's good to realize those words when we try to fit in the ridiculous 'beauty ideals' and running to the clinics for botox, etc. My wise sister is always saying, 'don't cut in a healthy body or inject fluids when we don't know what the effects to our bodies are. Yes, agreed! 

My only advice is to embrace it, even more in our current situation while everything is uncertain. The only thing we can do and should do is to give more attention to the skin. Recently, I started using bio raw Coconut oil for the face, the body, the hair, and even the teeth. Sometimes, I feel like I literally slide in the coconut cane. LOL

*Watch the video below.


The art


growing up 

You know things aren't what they used to be..

'When you don't know who all the hip actors or singers are.'

'When you think that's a pillow mark on your cheek, but it's still there a week later'

'When you tell someone you've known them since they were in nappies.'

When selecting your year of birth on a website means scrolling down forever.'

'When you're are just excited to go home'

'When you honestly you'd rather have sex in bed than in the shower.'

Older but better, but older -
Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas