Fierce Collection – MVDT COLLECTION


Fierce Collection

Snake Ring

From €50 - €65

Double Snake Ring

From €95 - €150

Fierce Ring


Mini Bold Ear Cuff

From €60 - €70

SQ Ring Finest

From €40 - €50

G Ring

From €125 - €150

SQ Loop Earring

From €95 - €195

Fierce Bracelet


Fine Necklace

From €75 - €105

Earpin ornament

From €35 - €45

Fine Necklace Men

From €75 - €105
The Fierce Collection is an extraordinary collection. The Fierce ring, bracelet, and headband are inspired by 16th-century 
Dutch accessory 'Oorijzer' [Ear Iron]. The ear iron was part of the costume for women in the Netherlands, a metal bracket
used on the head to keep hats in place. 
Over time the ear iron transitioned into a showpiece, gold plates or curls, framing
the head of the women. The Head Band, the firstborn piece of the Fierce collection is a contemporary revisitation of this ornament.
Some pieces of the Fierce collection recall the bold attitude, of the previous Bold Collection introduced in a delicate way.
The snake rings are strong solid pieces symbolically representing fertility and a creative life force. While the G ring is a versatile piece and
can be worn as a ring or an extension to the Double Bold Earring.