Fine Dining Brass Straws Long


  • Product Description

      The popular, elegant Slim Fine Dining Straws long are perfect for cocktails and your classy lemonades as your homemade Ice tea. Choose 2, 4, 6 or 8.


      • Slim Fine Dining Straws 21 cm, dia 6 mm
      • Cleaning Straw brush Small
      • Delivered in an MVDT Box


      • Environmentally-friendly
      • Great for stirring and sipping
      • Sustainable
      • Anti-bacterial effect
      • Reusable
      • Recyclable
      • Lead-free


      Use a mix of natural ingredients hot water, salt, and lemon.

  • MvdT designs are handmade of pure metals, brass and sterling 925 silver. Brass is a nickel free alloy of copper and zinc. It has been used for centuries as a semi-precious alternative to gold.

    Every piece will tarnish and age differently as it is exposed to a range of factors. Areas with a higher level of humidity will see a more rapid transformation in comparison to those that are colder and drier. Depending on the pH level of your skin the metals can shine or oxidize. In some cases the oxidization can leave a mark on your skin.

    The MvdT Collection was created with antiquity in mind and intended to age over time. To return your jewel to its original raw brass color use the magic care polish set. Please refer to the instructions on here.

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