Meet the designer

Marlous van der Toorn is a jewelry designer with a background in fashion. Six years ago she started her creative journey. This resulted in a 6-month adventure that took her to the other side of the world. 
In Bali, Indonesia, she learned from local artisans the art and crafts of jewelry making. The outcome is a beautiful line of exclusive, complimentary pieces.

“Creating my own designs and the opportunity to share these with you makes me feel very privileged. Through my travels, I gather inspiration to create timeless, unique collections based on my life experience. 
I hope my story empowers you to be your own legend and find your way to make each day a gift and chase your dreams. All pieces are made of pure metals out of a conscious, sustainable perspective  and no plating is used. Please, take care of your jewels and they will shine a lifetime." - Marlous van der Toorn

MvdT designs are handmade out of pure metals, brass, and sterling 925 silver. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has been used for centuries as a semi-precious alternative to gold. The MvdT Collection was created with antiquity in mind and intended to age over time.

If you prefer your favorite piece in SOLID GOLD, click here MVDT GOLD.

The Netherlands, The Hague