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december 02 2019 – Marlous van der Toorn

P A G E  S I X

E X T R A V A G A N C E  C O L L E C T I O N

'Super excited to introduce you Collection no 6, the Extravagance Collection!  
The idea of the Extravagance Collection came about in Puglia, Italy. In Otranto, at a vintage market, I found beautiful vintage buttons, a la Versace style. The Lion on the button inspired me to make an extraordinary collection. In the heart of Italy, the start of the Lion Collection was born.

There are a few reasons why the lion intrigues me. First of all, I'm born on the 31st of July. ;) Second, it's such a beautiful, powerful animal--both the Lion and the Lioness. The Lioness will follow soon in the collection. Third, the Lion is the weapon of The Netherlands.

For this collection, I had to dive deeper into the world of the Lion. The new Lion King just released this Summer, so perfect to see the movie with a different eye. Soon followed by the movie 'Mia and the White Lion'. Then I came across @deanschneider, the pride he is living in is a huge inspiration. The details of the Lion and the Lioness are so close and real. The love between him and the pride shown in his stories are outstanding. 

'The powerful lion is a symbol of unrivaled courage and strength.' 


The process of making the lion was very interesting.  The lion is made out of wax, and the details are carved in like a small sculpture. Thoughts in this beginning stage are: is this going to be a nice looking Lion, the Lion I envision? The goal is to make a wise, friendly lion. So mouth closed, no oxidizing to make it darker. This Lion is a symbol for both men and women bringing power and wisdom in their lives.
Yes succeed, I'm very happy with the end result! 

1. Vintage buttons
2. Weapon of the Netherlands

lion /ˈlʌɪən/
a large tawny-colored cat that lives in pride, found in Africa and north-western India. The male has a flowing shaggy mane and takes little part in hunting, which is done cooperatively by the females.