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Oktober 19 2021 – Marlous van der Toorn

P A G E  E L E V E N


Cecile's Story

We met 5 years ago, she had her own custom bag label back then. She immediately fell in love with MVDT collection. Up to this day she doesn't want to wear any jewelry other than MVDT's. Thank you Cecile for this big compliment.

During the lockdown one year ago she came to visit the Private Shop. We talked about life. She told me about her heart surgery she had three years ago and explained me that her big scar is like a jewel for her. I loved that she could embrace her scar as if it were a gift.

I wanted to capture and share her story.
Tattoos symbolize a certain phase in her life as do jewelry. A simple look will bring her back to that special moment or phase.  This way she will always carry it with her.
During her rehabilitation, she had plenty of time to think about what was really important to her. During a period full of energy with healthy but delicious food, she enjoyed life to the fullest. This is where everything came together and set her on her next path.

She completed both 'Ayurvedic Nutrition' and 'Natural Nutrition',  currently she is studying nutrition and dietetics part time). Now she guides people towards a healthier lifestyle with her new business; Voedingsstof. “With small adjustments in daily routine we work towards changes for life. Small changes, but with a big effect on your energy level and your mental state. You just need to know which button to push." 

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Evolve Ear Cuff gold silver

Evolve Cuff Silver Gold
Cecile's favorites

Vintage Ring
Snake Ring
Evolve Ear Cuff
Moon Ear Cuff

Heritage Bracelet
Fine Chain Necklace

"The lines are so subtle and perfect, they're cool but elegant and complete all my outfits. I wear all pieces daily. The Evolve Ear Cuff I wear in two different ways, down or up. I create my own personal way, for example the Snake Ring I wear as a knuckle ring and toe ring during Summer. 

The Heritage Bracelet Fine Chain Necklace are on my wishlist. I would wear the Heritage cuff on special occasions and daily over a pullover or shirt." - Cecile de Ferrante

Snake Ring Gold Silver Goud Zilver

Moon Ear Cuff Gold Silver